1 Reichenbach Glass Sticks

The most popular option for small hobby, craft and studio glassmakers glass stick gives you the opportunity to have lots of colours without a large cost investment.

We try to keep the best selling colours in stock but if we have to order in for you delivery is normally only 7-10 days..

We sell glass stick by the kilo in two options............
One solid colour of 1kg at between £12 - £30 depending on colour.
A mixed selection of colours weighing 1kg for approximately £40.

Each stick is approximately 5 -8mm diameter and 30cm long.
So for 1kg you can expect about 60 sticks but this will vary depending on the thickness of the rods and these figures are used only as a guide.

Orders or enquiries can be made by phoning the sales team on 01384 33398 or emailing sales@plowden-thompson.com.