Cast Glass

The method of casting glass is used where a solid object is needed to be produced, as against blowing into a mould which creates a void within the piece. It is the same method used for manufacturing solid items in brass, gold, steel and other metals and minerals.

A mould is required, which is produced either from another similar piece or from 3D drawings that can represent the item required. A mould is then produced from this. In the glasshouse molten glass or crystal is poured into the mould and left to set. Once cooled sufficiently the mould is opened and the solid piece of glass is removed revealing an exact copy of the mould detail.

Moulds which require a lot of detail in the finished piece can be very expensive as, in certain cases, brass or stainless steel has to be used in order that the detail is replicated correctly.

Plowden and Thompson does not make much cast glass any more but is happy to discuss any projects you might be considering. As with other items requiring a mould, samples cannot be made beforehand.

In all cases we are able to make to your own specifications if required.

Solid glass blocks have the ability to shield from things such as radiation with addition of lead.