Plowden & Thompson uses several standard glass mixture combinations of which
boroscilicate, with its special qualities, is used mainly for industrial purposes.

The use of boroscilicate and its inherent specific properties make it useful to industry.

By using 24% Boron content it gives the glass strength and heat resistant properties. It means it can be used in situations where it can come into direct contact with heat without it shattering. An obvious example of this is "Pyrex" where products can withstand being placed in an oven and the temperatures it generates. It should be noted that Plowden & Thompson has no affiliation with either the brand or the product "Pyrex".

Many industries use boroscilicate glass where temperatures might exceed those generally attributed to other glass types. Boroscillicate can be produced in exactly the same way as other glass in that it can be mould blown, hand made or cast.

In all cases we are able to make to your own specifications if required.