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Mouth Blown Glass

Mouth Blown Glass & Crystal

Most, but not all, items made in the factory have to be made by the method of blowing glass into an appropriately shaped mould.

Once we have the appropriate mould for the product you wish to have made it is just a case of creating that piece by mouth blowing the glass into the mould. Any type of glass can be used to achieve this. It can be lead crystal, boroscilicate or soda glass.

The main stumbling block is always the cost of the mould as moulds are expensive. However, the more  product required, the cheaper the cost of the mould becomes as the price is distributed over the quantity of product.

We would always be happy to discuss your project and guide you to the best cost effective result for your needs.

The process to produce a mouth blown piece of glass, still done in a traditional glass making cone, is to draw out of the furnace a piece of molten glass or crystal at around 1400º. It is then slightly shaped and air blown down the iron to create an opening within the glass. When the glassmaker is happy with its progress the glass is placed within the mould and air is passed down the iron directly by mouth into the cavity created by the initial blow. This expands the glass through the mould until it has filled it around the edges thus creating a copy of the mould shape. Any excess glass will extrude out of the top of the mould and will, eventually, be recycled.

After the piece has been formed it will be passed to another glass technician who will ensure its stability, shape and size are to requirements. It is then snapped off the blowing iron and placed into an annealing oven to have its temperature slowly reduced to take out any strain in the glass. The following day it is passed into the main factory for processing and inspection.


Ability to reproduce a shape of any kind in various types of glass.

Borosilicate Bulbs
Borosilicate Tubes
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