Plowden & Thompson uses several standard glass mixture combinations of which
lead crystal is just one.

The use of lead in a crystal glass mix softens the glass slightly and has been used mainly as an aid
to glass cutters to help in the cutting process allowing the glass some slight tension reduction as it is being cut and helps to stop it shattering.

The other benefit to adding lead is that it will give the glass a more clarity and when polished the glass has a brilliance that cannot be found in other glass mixes. In most cases the more lead oxide that is added, up to a level suitable for working the glass, the higher the brilliance of the end product after polishing.

In general there are two main levels of lead added to glass.........
Plowden & Thompson, and its sister company Tudor Crystal, has always used the 30% content for the reasons given above and that it reflects the quality of our products.

In all cases we are able to make to your own specifications if required.