Our Heritage

Plowden & Thompson is now one of the country’s most forward thinking glass making factories with the ability to manufacture glass products to customers specifications and with a precision that allows the production of, amongst other things, glass capillary tubing down to 0.110mm diameter.
Making for the radiation, nuclear, aviation, automotive, rail and many other industries the company has the ability to produce many diverse products that appeal to industry wanting to have their source close at hand. Being located in central England, Stourbridge is probably only about 2 hours away from most major hubs in the UK.
The factory site known as the Dial Glass Works, has had several changes of ownership over the years but to this day proudly remains in Stourbridge home of West Midlands glass making industry.

Plowden & Thompson has the ability to produce  blown, cast, pressed and drawn products in a variety of glass types and mixes.

In 2012 the company was purchased by E T Enterprises Ltd, a subsidiary of Ludlum Measurements based in Texas USA and since that time has benefited from inward investment to ensure its facilities can cope with the future needs of industry.